10 Brain-Boosting, Body-Moving Indoor Activities for Kids

by Becky Dempster

10 Brain-Boosting, Body-Moving Indoor Activities for Kids

Help kids stretch their brains and bodies with these 10 indoor activities. From animal moves to pom-pom races, there's something for every age.

Math Themed Obstacle Course

This string obstacle course is easy to set up and fun for the kids! But it's more than just an obstacle course, it challenges kids to work on number matching and addition while they weave their way through the strings.

Brain Building Animal Poses

Help stretch body and brain by using animal poses to get kids moving. According to Integrated Learning Strategies Learning Corner, animal poses, like horse trot, worm crawl, and the spider, are great for executive functioning within the brain, regulating emotions, and practicing gross and fine motor skills. And hey, kids will just think they're fun to do. Check out the step-by-step video on YouTube.

Pom-Pom Races

Kids can race each other—and develop fine motor skills—with this pom pom game that involves only three supplies: pom-poms, paper straws and painter's tape, and that's optional.

Exercise with the ABCs

These ABC exercise cards give kids 26 options for indoor activities, and they're free to download!

Hopscotch in the House

Have your kids help you create this adorable hopscotch mat for hours of hopping and skipping fun!

Bubble Wrap Stomping

Put that bubble wrap to good use with this fun activity that allows kids to paint with their feet. Or, if you prefer to keep the messy stuff outdoors, check out our list of "10 Awesomely Messy Outdoor Activities for Kids."

Balloon Ping Pong

No ping pong table? No problem! Start a balloon ping pong game with a paper plate and tongue depresser for every player and—you guess it—a balloon.

Dance Break

Take a dance break with kids of any age. If your child doesn't automatically bust a move when you turn on the radio, visit this Learning Station YouTube channel that has action songs that make it fun to get moving!

Follow the Tape Road

Painters tape is all that is required for this easy to set up activity that gets kids moving around the house. They can ride indoor vehicles like they did over at Hands On As We Grow or they can hop, skip, and jump their way around the corners.

Animal Walking Safari

Do your kids love animals? Then they'll love mimicking their favorite animals by walking like them. They'll keep them engaged while getting them moving. A step-by-step (pun intended) guide is on YouTube.