Bust Boredom with These Fun Indoor Activities for Toddlers

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Bust Boredom with These Fun Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers are super active and it can be a challenge keeping them entertained, especially if you’re stuck inside all day. But there are simple ways to channel their energy into something productive, which will not only make for one very happy toddler but also save your sanity… and your house from being destroyed.


Working together on an art project or learning a new song is fun and educational and will help your toddler refine his motor skills, which are developing at a rapid pace. We know it can be overwhelming to plan a bunch of activities for your toddler throughout the day, and that’s why we’ve rounded up these easy-to-do ideas that will provide hours of playtime with minimal setup. Plus, since the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends only one hour per day of screentime for children ages 2-5 — and that’s only for educational media you co-view with your children — you’re going to want to make sure your little one doesn’t get stuck in front of the TV or iPad for hours on end.


Looking for some ideas for fun and easy boredom busters for your toddler? We’ve got you covered!


What You Need for a Fun Day at Home with a Toddler

Battling a bored toddler isn’t as challenging as you think, as long as you keep a variety of entertaining items in your arsenal. They’ll come in handy when planning fun indoor activities and also provide hours of entertainment. Some of our favorite boredom busters include:


Paint Kit

Crayola My First Fingerpaint Kiy is great for toddlers who want to explore their inner Picasso. It comes with six tubes of washable paint (yes, it will come off of any surface, including your toddler).


Toddler Trampoline

There’s really nothing toddlers love to do more than jump. Now, instead of jumping off furniture or their bed or their dressers, they have a safe place to bounce. The Little Tikes 3-Foot Trampoline provides a large space for your toddler to jump and even has a handlebar for added stability and safety.


Cooking Sets

Inspire your toddler to get cooking with this imaginative set from Funerica. Toddlers can do everything from shop for vegetables to prep them to cook them in this fun toy.


Play Table

Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some fun with water. This Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Play Table from Step2 will keep kids busy for hours — just put some towels down first.


Dress-up Box

This set of four costumes will help encourage kids’ imaginations while also helping them learn to dress themselves. Your kid will love seeing themselves as a firefighter or doctor. They may even try to give you a checkup. If your little one is more into this dress-up box includes 21 pieces of Disney dress-up fun.


10 Activities to Do at Home with a Toddler



1. Create a DIY sensory bin:


Toddlers love to explore via their senses. From touch, sight, sound and even taste, you can create a sensory bin at home that will suit any of your toddlers wants. The best part? They can even help create it! Just gather simple things you already have around the house, such as dry rice, play dough or shaving cream, put into a bin and you’re set. If you prefer a mess-free option, try some awesome sensory toys for kids.


2. Host a tea party

Turn lunchtime into a royal event. Tea party sets make for a grand afternoon of some sophisticated (yeah, right) fun.


3. Make an Indoor obstacle course 

Set up your very own obstacle course with a few foam blocks and have a great time switching it up for your little one.


4. Throw a dance party

Just put on your favorite tunes and get moving. A Bluetooth speaker is a great option, because it will sync with your phone and is little enough to be placed anywhere.


5. Get some exercise

 You and your toddler can get moving with these great exercises you can do together. Or have them give jumping rope a try.


6. Cook a meal

Have your child help out in the kitchen with easy recipes you can do with them.


7. Build a fort 

Grab some blankets and pillows and introduce your toddler to the joys of fort building. If you prefer to keep your linens off the floor, try a play tent just for kids.


8. Have some snow day fun:

Just because it’s snowing outside, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. Snow toys will help you get creative with snow and make the most of the “bad” weather.


9. Get slimed

Slime is everywhere these days, and surprisingly, it’s super easy to make. Elmer’s Color Slime Kit can get you started, plus it’s totally safe for kids.


10. Enjoy bath time bliss

Isn’t it crazy how some toddlers can stay in the bath forever? Make the most of this time with amazing bath toys like rubber ducks, floating tug boats and squishy fish.