The 11 Best Stroller Blankets to Keep Your Baby Warm and Cozy All Winter

by Laura Fisher

The 11 Best Stroller Blankets to Keep Your Baby Warm and Cozy All Winter

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Blankets from 7A.M. Enfant, JJ Cole, Aden + Anais, and more fit into any stroller or car seat for snuggles on the go.


No matter the season, a good stroller blanket can be key for a successful outing. They can keep your baby warm and cozy when the weather gets cooler, of course. They can also shield babies from the sun, cover up a car seat or carrier, double as a swaddle for on-the-go naps, and provide a soft surface for tummy time.


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Could you use a regular baby blanket as a stroller blanket? Sure, but stroller blankets are specifically sized to be big enough to keep your babe tucked in, without having a ton of extra fabric that’s at risk of dragging or getting caught in stroller wheels. You only need to make that mistake once to realize how important this is!


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Stroller blankets that are designed for winter weather function essentially like baby sleeping bags, with the additional benefit of being able to strap in securely to your stroller so that you can rest assured that your little one will stay protected from the elements but not slip while being wheeled around.


Needless to say, this is one piece of baby gear that every parent should own. We’ve rounded up a list of the best 11 stroller blankets out there, for every type of adventure—even if that’s just a walk around the block!


Best Stroller Blankets:


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Best Overall

KicKee Pants Essential Prints Stroller Blanket


KicKee Pants is a favorite of many parents for their super stretchy pjs, and it hit the mark again with their Essential Prints Stroller Blanket. Two layers of bamboo viscose fabric give that extra soft feel the brand is known for, and the blanket is perfectly weighted to be used in all seasons.

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Best for Winter

7A.M. Enfant Plushpod Footmuff


The Plushpod from 7A.M. Enfant is the easiest way to keep your baby bundled for outings in colder temps, and saves the hassle of having to zip a squirming child in and out of a snowsuit or bunting. The footmuff-style pod fits any stroller (or car seat), has a water-repellent outer shell, and is temperature rated down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. The detachable cover can also be used as a traditional stroller blanket in the warmer months. The three color options (black plush, gray velvet, and waxed) are totally luxe and will have your baby riding in style.

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Best Weather-Resistant

JJ Cole Urban Bundle-Me


For a more affordable weather-resistant stroller blanket, you can count on the JJ Cole Urban Bundle-Me to protect your baby from the elements – and to look good while doing it. The bunting-style bag features a detachable hood and thermaplush inside, and the buttons down the front allow for easy access.

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Best Muslin Blanket

Aden + Anais Aden Stroller Blanket


Aden + Anais is the go-to for all things muslin, and this soft, four-layer stroller blanket does not disappoint. Muslin is known for being ultra-lightweight and breathable, making it a great material for a stroller blanket that won’t make your babe overheat. WIth nine patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find one that matches your vibe.

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Best Lightweight

Uppababy Colorblock Knit Stroller Blanket


This chic and modern stroller blanket is made by stroller guru Uppababy, but can be used in any brand of stroller. The knit blend provides just the right amount of warmth for when your babe just needs a little bit of cover on those neighborhood walks. Bonus: the blue, gray or pink colorblock options will fit in with any nursery theme.

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Best for Newborns

7A.M. Enfant Nido Cloud Heavyweight Infant Wrap


When your baby is fresh out of the oven and extra tiny, you need a stroller blanket that won’t have them swimming in extra cloth. The Nido Cloud Heavyweight Infant Wrap is the newest creation from 7A.M. Enfant, made to keep your newborn warm while being sized just right for secure and cozy wrapping. The Nido comes in two sizes: 0-6 months and 6-12, and comes in classic urban colors like black, gray, and a muted star pattern.

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Best for Toddlers

7A.M. Enfant Blanket 212 Evolution


The Blanket 212 features everything that the Plushpod has (universal use for all strollers and car seats, usable in freezing conditions, and super soft insulation, just to name a few), with the addition of zippered length and width extensions that allow the blanket to grow with your child from 6 months to up to 4 years old. Unlike many baby products, that means that you will be able to reap the benefits of this cozy investment for years to come!

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Best Affordable

Boritar Baby Blanket


A good stroller blanket doesn’t need to come with a luxury price tag. This plush and soft unisex baby blanket gets top marks, including this review that says it all: ​​”This blanket is the real deal. Very soft and sturdy, not thin and flimsy. Washes well in the washing machine. SUPER LOVE. Highly recommend.”

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Best Reversible

Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Reversible Jersey Stroller Blanket


Small kids are messy—no doubt about it—so having a stroller blanket you can flip over whenever there is a mess can help you at least seem like you have your act together. Bonus? You get two patterns to choose from. This organic cotton option from Burt’s Bees has over 15 styles to choose from and promises not to pill in the wash.

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Best Knit

Burt’s Bees Baby Cable Knit Blanket


The best blankets feel like putting on your favorite chunky sweater, and that’s especially the case with this cable knit stroller blanket from Burt’s Bees Baby. Measuring 30 inches by 40 inches and made from 100 percent organic cotton, this versatile blanket can also be used for tummy time and as a car seat cover.

Image Credits: Pottery Barn Kids

Best Personalized Stroller Blanket

Pottery Barn Kids Recycled Chamois Baby Blanket


With six colors to choose from and a wide range of personalization options, this 30-by-40-inch stroller blanket from Pottery Barn Kids is one of the best gifts you can give (or receive). The chamois fabric is super soft on babies’ sensitive skin, so can snuggle up whether you take this blankie on the go or use it around the house.