10 Postpartum Recovery Kits That Take the Stress Out of Packing a Hospital Bag

by Bethany Braun-Silva

10 Postpartum Recovery Kits That Take the Stress Out of Packing a Hospital Bag
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Expecting parents have multiple checklists of everything they need to get ready for their baby’s arrival. Cribs, bottles, car seats, and strollers are just a few of the essentials you need to consider before welcoming a new baby. But even before any of that, there’s the hospital bag checklist. A robe, a nightgown, slippers, and a few blankets are sure to make the list, but oftentimes, a postpartum recovery kit gets overlooked.


A postpartum recovery kit has what moms need to help with bleeding, soreness, and overall discomfort. You can create your own kit by buying things like disposable underwear, ice packs, and perineal spray separately, but there are also ready-made kits for moms that include all these things and more.


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Many moms agree that postpartum recovery kits are a great choice. The Frida Mom Hospital Packing Kit for Labor, Delivery, Postpartum, for example, has over 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating. “I would 100% say that every postpartum experience needs this kit,” writes one customer. “I think it’s well worth the price for the comfort you’re getting.”


The Miloo Mom Hospital Labor and Delivery Gift Packing Kit for Delivery, Postpartum is also a great choice available on Amazon. One reviewer writes, “I was very impressed with my kit, and I used all of it when I was in the hospital.”


Convenience is so important when you have a new baby, especially when it comes to your healing. The first six weeks after giving birth are a critical time in the healing process, and having the right tools handy can make all the difference in your physical (and mental) health. If you’re pregnant or know someone who is, check out the postpartum recovery kits below.



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FridaBaby Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit


This kit from the parent-favored brand includes four pairs of disposable underwear, four ice maxi pads, cooling pad liners, perineal healing foam, and more in pretty pink packaging.

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Miloo Mom Hospital Labor and Delivery Gift Packing Kit for Delivery, Postpartum


This kit also includes essentials like shampoo and soap in addition to traditional recovery products like a peri bottle and perineal ice packs.

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The Custom New Mom Box


Pick and choose your recovery essentials with this personalized box. Moms can choose from the likes of maxi pads, Tucks witch hazel pads, chocolates for a special treat, and more that’s intended to help heal postpartum bodies.

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Ultimate Gift Bag with Labor & Delivery Hospital Stay Essentials


This expansive kit comes with a nightgown, mesh underwear, and several Earth Mama Organics recovery products. While it’s more expensive than the kits listed above, it comes with more than a dozen different items.

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Deluxe Postpartum Recovery Box


This luxurious kit comes with 10 essentials to help soothe your body after you give birth, like herbal-infused maxi pads and Earth Mama sitz bath. It also comes with an affirmation card to let Mom know she can do anything.

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Honest Co. Hospital Bag Kit


This kit includes self-care essentials like nipple balm and body lotion, as well as diapers and a pack of wipes for the baby. You also get the stylish Cross Country Diaper bag to store all your essentials before and after delivery.

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Maternity/Hospital Birth Pre-Packed Gift Set


A few things for baby and a few things for mom come in this pre-packaged hospital bag. Items for mom include organic maxi pads, disposable mesh underwear, and body wash, while baby gets a sweet first outfit to go home in.

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Frida Mom Hospital Packing Kit for Labor, Delivery, Postpartum


This is a souped-up version of the first kit on this list. It includes all the recovery items for moms as well as a delivery gown, socks, and a convenient travel bag.

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Perineal Ice Packs for Postpartum


This kit comes with two perineal gel packs and four machine-washable sleeves. Plus, as a bonus, it includes a silk eye mask and milestone cards for your baby’s first year.

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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula New Moms Skin Recovery Set


Your nether regions aren’t the only thing that needs special care after giving birth, you skin does too. This cocoa butter set includes nursing butter, skin therapy oil, skin tightening cream, and bust cream, each formulated with vitamin E and shea butter to help nourish your skin.